Automation, Orchestration, and Beyond…

Cloud automation and orchestration are often misunderstood when referencing the data center and cloud computing.  The big push for autonomic IT seems to be the latest cloud buzz saturating the tech industry and spilling out of the mouths of tech leaders.

Cloud automation is a fundamental building block for the cloud computing paradigm.  It’s meant to alleviate the complexity of various applications in a cloud or virtualized environment; automating workflows, provisioning, and change management tasks that are usually performed by humans.  Orchestration is aligning the business request with the applications, data, and infrastructure.  Now let's get to the point…

As I think more about automation and orchestration, I begin to focus on what has the bigger impact on a business.  Still, the most important things to consider are time to market, cost reduction, efficiency increase, and total ROI which has an overall business impact, not just an impact in the IT department.  Seems elementary to a degree, right?

A simple thought, sure, however, I have witnessed teams working on a solution for a specific project, for a specific business unit or department, limiting their focus on the bigger picture.  I have seen companies that sell products or applications that only solve part of the problem, instead of a solution for the overall business.

At Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS) our expertise is dedicated to the alignment of go-to-market strategies while accelerating and increasing return on IT investments.  Companies can no longer afford time consuming and labor intensive processes that limit customer growth and the ability of employees to do their job; and do it well.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution.  CAS offers vast professional expertise and customization across a multitude of technology solutions.

We are not just automating or orchestrating, we are helping companies reduce costs, increase ROI, maximize efficiency, and assure scalability.  CAS is passionate about helping enterprises transform with technology, empower their employees and customers, and reach their goals at speed.

“It`s Business Strategy, not just IT strategy”

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