Benefits of Cloud Automation for Enterprises

1. Scale & Agility

Agility in cloud facilitates rapid and reliable network or application configuration, quick response to any changing conditions, and optimized use of resources.

With cloud automation, IT can scale infrastructure faster and more dynamically. Scalability in cloud automation simply add capacity as needed.

2. Speed of Deployment & Management

Cloud Automation provisions quick deployment and management of IT environment like VMs (virtual machines), routers and other network devices.

3. Simplifying Processes

Cloud Automation simplifies IT operations and processes by eliminating the complexity of heterogeneous infrastructure. It enhances the efficiencies and performance of IT tasks.

4. Liberating IT Resources

Cloud Automation keeps IT department lean and focused on value added efforts — as it perform all routine tasks on network consoles and send notifications when human intervention is required.

5. Economies of Scale

Cost reduction can be achieved in terms of minimal or no investment in legacy IT equipments like in-house data center, routers, storage servers etc.

Cloud Automation also saves in training, hiring and expanding IT department for managing complex tech infrastructures of legacy equipments.

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