DevOps and the Cloud – Where Businesses are Making Magic Happen

The emergence of the private cloud has brought DevOps back to the forefront of business.

If you want to get a broad understanding of DevOps and its association with cloud computing in today’s broad-spectrum business landscape, we need to pause for a moment and take a good look at how that landscape has been evolving lately.

Let’s take a step back and see what’s been going on in business operations on a global scale in the past decade or so, and you’ll see some shifting that has happened (and are still happening) in a way that makes the combination of DevOps and cloud computing ripe for business success.

Welcome To The Service Economy

There’s no denying that we are currently in a service-based society, and therefore a service-based economy. As people, we’re now increasing the level of importance we place on the experience(s) we have with products at the expense of the actual products themselves.

Yes, companies and manufacturers must still produce and manufacture products for us to buy …and then experience, but today’s products are becoming more and more wrapped and delivered in services to appeal to our new ways of thinking.

An example of this can be found in IBM. The multinational company is approaching its business and its offerings to customers as services. Although IBM hasn’t left the computer business (you can still buy computers from them), the company has taken an approach whereby its “hard” products are now a fraction of its new mission – to compete as a business services leader.

IBM realizes its business solutions and associated pricing are far more stable and predictable than that of the company’s hardware offerings. This has lead to a model of pricing based on subscriptions.

So now, receiving a one-time payment for a hardware item is becoming a thing of the past (or at least of lesser importance), and manufacturers like IBM are using monthly and yearly subscription contracts as a main driver of profit.

DevOps By The Numbers

According to some recent studies, roughly half of all organizations have invested in DevOps in conjunction with the private cloud during the last year. These studies have also shown us that cloud computing and its subsequent automation have had a huge impact on the evolution of DevOps – specifically in the development of agile software products and services.

The emergence of agile software and the cloud have helped alleviate the pressure of delivering software, and updates, on an expedited schedule. This emergence has cleared a path for DevOps – the natural convergence of agile software and the cloud – which are now nearly inseparable.

DevOps And The Cloud – The Ideal Response To The Changing Landscape

If DevOps and the cloud have one thing in common, it’s their use in business situations that require agility. No longer is the cloud merely a place to save IT dollars – it’s now a nimble tool that provides value when it comes to reducing waste, increasing speed and responding to evolving business needs. The cloud allows IT departments to stop focusing on the nitty-gritty tasks like patches, updates and provisioning and focus more on operations that have real value for business.

With more and more businesses making the move to the cloud to support their applications with the right resources, availability and flexibility, automating and offloading infrastructure readiness becomes even more crucial. Doing this allows a DevOps team to focus on what truly matters in their mission – meeting the demanding (and evolving) need of their customers.

Fortunately, at Cloud Automation Solutions, we have a team of experts with experience in DevOps environment who are ready to set up the precise environment needed to give a DevOps project the support and space to grow that’s required for optimal success.

Call us for a consultation, and we’ll help you find ways to make the most of DevOps and the cloud in your business.

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