Enterprise Cloud Solutions – Where Change Meets Opportunity

Change isn’t just some inconvenient operational reality that enterprises must deal with these days.

If an enterprise is smart, and is poised for long-term resilience, change is something to be harnessed and leveraged to drive business.

Enterprises that desire financial success in today’s increasingly complex environments must be dynamic and innovative – ready for profit and protected from threats – at all times.

At the forefront of positive growth is cloud computing and cloud services that are being harnesses to ramp up agility and ensure everyone within the enterprise has the applications and processing power they need – when they need it – to be successful.

However, in the same way that no two enterprises are the same, neither are two cloud solutions.

Each enterprise is distinct in its culture, its goals, and the way it conducts business.

So, it makes sense that no two enterprises should have the same cloud solution, and that there be a scalable, “best-fit” cloud solution for every enterprise.

And, if there’s one thing the cloud is good at, it’s scalability.

The Power Cloud Computing Offers and the Struggle With Options

With all its agility and scalability, many businesses struggle to determine what cloud solution is best for them. Many are caught up on the nomenclature of what they seek.

  • Do they need a hybrid cloud?
  • Virtual private?
  • Integrate DevOps strategy?
  • What migration route, tool(s) to choose?

The best course of action is to set aside the issue of describing the service model and move on to selecting the right cloud type(s) after examination of the kinds of workloads and processes that will be operating in the cloud environment.

In many cases, it will be a combination of the three service models, coupled with mainstream IT functions, that will work best. It’s what we refer to as hybrid delivery or the hybrid cloud model.

Once a business determines its need in terms of cloud computing, integration can begin to take place. The chosen cloud services have to enmesh seamlessly within the enterprise’s existing framework while still maintaining all the attributes of cloud services:

  • Automation
  • Resilience
  • Seamlessness
  • Security
  • Openness

The cloud does offer some very real benefits for today’s nimble organizations who need a solution that’s able to provide data and services to meet its needs.

However, there are some very serious considerations to be addressed at every step of the way.

If you’re considering a move into the cloud, or you’re already there and need a little guidance, the team at Cloud Automation Solutions is always at the ready to help you make decisions based on sound knowledge and experience.

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