Part II – DevOps and the Deployment Pipeline: Scaled Agile Framework That Meets Customer Demand

In the first part of this piece we scratched the surface of how a scaled agile framework, DevOps, can meet the demands of customers.

In this concluding part, we’ll expand on that – and talk briefly about how the cloud plays an important role in the process.

Next up on our list of how DevOps can make the process of delivering a solution more effective:

3. Use version control for everything.

Reliable deployment into production means everything should, ideally, be maintained under version control.

So everything that a solution requires top operate (scripts, maps, directories, etc) and that may possibly be updated down the road, falls into this category.

Version control should also be used to manage test data in order to maintain its reliability and fast feedback.

4. Allow for automatic environment building.

Manually-intensive routines like the creation of test environments of leads to deployment issues that are most-often caused by human error.

To resolve the possibility of human error during deployment, automated environment setup is the solution.

And this is where the cloud and cloud automation can really come into play to create an added layer or reliability and accuracy to avoid deployment delays.

Virtualization, specifically IaaS, can go a long way toward accomplishing this.

5. Automate the deployment process.

If it makes sense to use the cloud to automate the creation of deployment environments, then it should also make sense to automate the actual deployment, too.

From building the code to validating it and everything in-between, automating this step is among the most important in the entire DevOps cycle.

To achieve success in the deployment cycle, you not only need reliable cloud automation services, but also the committed support of all the teams involved in making the solution a reality for consumers.

As you can see, a lot goes into DevOps and its continuous supporting of the deployment pipeline. Automation during the entire process is key and the cloud plays an integral role in this area.

Proper cloud automation means better-quality code with fewer errors, which leads to happier customers who are more likely to keep purchasing your solutions.

As always, if you have question about automation when it comes to your cloud and DevOps endeavors, our team of cloud automation experts is on-hand and ready to help in any way.

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