When it Comes to Data Centers and the Cloud, Automation is Key

If you’re a CIO or CTO, then you already know the importance of meeting the fast-changing needs of business and innovation.

In most cases, you likely aim to lower IT operations spending while redirecting savings and lesser spending into virtualization.

However, this shift in spending often leaves IT departments and staff at a loss for efficiency, unless more of workload processes becomes automated.

And, while more leaders in the business-tech industry are finally “getting it” (just over 35% are already automating at least some of the IT processes) many are still trying to figure out what to do – and how.

Automation is Key to Saving Money in the Cloud

Automation can lead to many positive outcomes for IT staff. Among them are faster response times to service requests, which is a huge bonus. Other benefits include fewer errors made in the IT department, and more time to dedicate to high-value IT activities that support current and future growth.

While none of these are direct actual cash-saving benefits, there’s no denying that they are positive impact for business overall. For some companies, cash-saving can come in the form cutting staff and other IT cost reductions – but few (roughly 10%) are taking this route.

Considering the vast and varied landscapes of data centers and other installations, IT departments will struggle to maintain scalable and flexible cloud-based data centers.

Private Cloud Solutions – Where Automation is Taking Off

Private cloud solutions are leading the way when it comes to automation. Today’s IT professionals need the flexibility and scalability that only private cloud solutions provide – even if the savings aren’t always immediate or direct.

Companies aren’t just embracing cloud automation for the sake of better efficiency and new capabilities, either. A plethora of new technologies are making it imperative that data center providers beef up there efficiency, redundancy and scalability for customers in the wake of very real-world trends that have caused a jump in the use of cloud-based data centers in the first place:

  • An ever-increasing number of users
  • More devices being used on various networks
  • More work being performed in remote locations
  • More data being consumed, and generated, than ever before

Getting Automation Right – the First Time Around

The factors we’ve stated above all point to the value that automation can deliver for the cloud implementations of various businesses and government agencies.

But, as with most things involving the cloud and outsourced data, the value will only be realized if and when it is planned and implemented appropriately and effectively.

A business case for cloud automation solutions must be made and plans for automation need to specifically address the unique goals of each business.

Developing a cloud automation solution that meets business needs is not a simple task for most IT teams. Few have the hands-on experience needed to successfully complete such a complex task.

That’s why most turn to an experienced cloud automation solution provider who can quickly help businesses determine their automation needs and deliver optimized solutions to match those needs.

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