XaaS – The Next Big Wave of Cloud Computing

No it’s not some sort of made-up buzzword that came from a marketing department somewhere – XaaS is yet another model of cloud services that can be added to the large number of models currently in the cloud lexicon.

Think of X as a Service as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in one bundle. The main goal of these services is to replace the traditional delivery of IT services that can be (and generally are) seen as a commodity.

One of the best examples of X as a Service comes in the form of DaaS (Desktop as a Service) whereby a service provider may package their services with one or more of the following:

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure served from a remote provider
  • A suite of “office” applications (example: Microsoft Office365)
  • Client devices or some other physical endpoint such as a Chromebook or other “thin” device

The DaaS provider would hand pick and assemble the final product based on the end user’s needs, or by simply choosing the best of each offering and placing it in the package. The benefit for the client is that they now have one single point of contact for the product bundle if they need support – or when their requirements change.

The Next big Wave (XaaS) is Already Here in Other Areas

When we say that XaaS is the “next big wave” keep in mind that the concept is far from new. Car manufacturers have been doing something similar for many years.

Volvo, for example, does not manufacture every part that goes into their cars. It’s likely that the car has parts from dozens of other manufacturers around the world who may “white label” the parts specifically for Volvo. This includes transmissions (Aisin Warner), lubricants (Mobil), shocks (Sachs) and many more parts that work together to make a seamless product under one brand name.

And, just like the Volvo example, an XaaS provider is responsible for the maintenance of all the parts of the single product. If a transmission fails, you don’t bring the car to the transmission manufacturer, you bring it to where you bought the car because that’s where you got your performance guarantee (or warranty) from.

On top of this, XaaS gives you the benefit of one bill, often a subscription, and very little, or zero, investment of precious company capital.

Xaas is Shaking up the IT Commodity Market

It’s important to emphasize that XaaS is shaking up the way commodity services are delivered by corporate IT departments these days. We see commodity services as the usual things IT departments deliver that are seen as important, but never truly contribute to profitability or revenue. Things like licensed software installed on desktop computers, as well as email, fall into this category. No magic number of software licenses or email addresses will magically contribute to a company’s bottom-line. It just doesn’t happen that way. On top of this, you have the investment of time spent installing and maintaining these commodities – neither of which deliver any measurable value.

Is XaaS Right for You? We Can Help You Find Out.

The first step toward XaaS is to minimize the time and money spent on IT commodities and redirect those things toward IT endeavors that DO offer ROI to your business. This could involve the step of outsourcing commodity tasks – or making the move straight to X as a Service.

Of course, if you need guidance on the right approach for your particular business, we’re just a few clicks or a phone call today. Cloud Automation Solutions can get you the advice you need on incorporating, or expanding, your presence in the cloud.

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