Marketing Intern

Position: Marketing Intern
Classification: Unpaid Internship
Reports To: Director of Strategy
Compensation: Unpaid
Hours: 10 hours/week minimum

The Marketing Intern is responsible for executing key tasks on the 2017 Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS) Marketing Strategy, assigned and overseen by the Director of Strategy and the Marketing & Communications Manager. The intern provides support to the Manager and Director in completing marketing collateral and maintaining the marketing department. The intern ensures that all marketing and communications efforts completed align with the Cloud Automation Solutions branding guidelines and marketing style guide.

Performance Objectives
Marketing Operations: Assist in the marketing operations as assigned by the Director of Strategy and Marketing & Communications Manager. Marketing operations includes: fielding contacts from inbound marketing strategies, internal and external communications efforts, and responding to collateral requests from the Business Development team.

Brand Usage: Research brand usage for partner and affiliate logo usage on the CAS website and social media pages. Connect with appropriate firms to update logo usage permission with CAS.

Marketing Campaigns: Assist in creation of personalized marketing campaigns via email marketing, social media campaigns, and cold calling campaigns. Coordinate campaign lists including maintenance of prospect information. Identify applicable social media groups, pages, and information that is pertinent to CAS.

Public Relations: Research media resources and create contact list for release of information. Assist in creation of press releases and PR materials, as assigned.

Performance Evaluation:
The intern will receive weekly feedback from the supervisor on progress of goals and feedback at the completion of the internship on strengths and improvements.


• Enrolled in undergraduate or graduate coursework in pursuit of a marketing, communications, public relations, business, or advertising degree.
• Junior or senior classification, preferred.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to