Have you lost complete visibility of your technology infrastructure and solutions?

Truth be told, it’s quite easy to do. As companies driven by the expediency of go to market demands, we’re all faced with the challenges of aligning technology to business processes.

Companies can no longer afford time consuming and labor intensive processes that limit customer growth and the ability of employees to do their job, and do it well.

Through sound application of business process automation, CAS enables SMART delivery of integrated technology solutions that allow companies to experience:

  • Reduced cost overruns
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Fewer manual interventions
  • Faster realization of revenue

Explore our professional services offerings, and discover how each enables your company complete visibility to realize tangible ROI:

Managed Cloud
Training and Support
Empowering StackStorm

Cloud automation - faster and more efficient.

Cloud automation is a fundamental building block for the cloud computing paradigm.  It’s meant to alleviate the complexity of various applications in a cloud or virtualized environment; automating workflows, provisioning, and change management tasks that are usually performed by humans.

Automation enables quick, reliable and repeatable application and server deployment, rapid response to changing business conditions, and optimized use of valuable resources and budget. Without automation and orchestration, it would be nearly impossible to realize the full value of cloud computing.

The experts at CAS have the experience to bring technology and applications together into a comprehensive cloud automation solution.

Empowering Event Driven Automation

StackStorm is the powerful open-source platform that wires all of your apps, services and workflows together with event driven automation.

  • Automated Remediation
  • ChatOps
  • Continuous Deployment

Partner with CAS to Automate Everything!

Leave the technology to us and business expansion to the experts, you.

Efforts required for in-house development can be quite tedious for your enterprise.  Maintaining team acumen, ever changing technology, and a prudent technical roadmap has the potential to undermine the most profitable business.

Don't get trapped in development efforts that take away focus from bottom line business objectives.

Whether you require development needs to augment existing staff expertise in part, or in its entirety, CAS ensures optimal mission critical development coverage.

With decades of advanced enterprise software and application development, CAS exhibits unparalleled service and expertise to deliver full end-to-end solutions, consisting of but not limited to the following technology domains:

CAS Meets Your Development Needs

Our enterprise software and application development services consist of the following functions to meet your company’s business and technology objectives:

  • Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • User Interface and Experience
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Documentation
  • Training and Support

Partner with CAS to assess your next development project.



Complete visibility of your enterprise through a single pane of glass.

Often times, enterprises suffer from disjointed systems that compromise business performance.  Efficient automation practices simplify complex integration efforts.  Enterprises realize tangible ROI on IT investments.

Focused on supporting mission critical and high performance enterprise systems, CAS integrates a wide variety of solutions, technologies, and platforms including, but not limited to the following:


Have CAS partner alongside your team and lead comprehensive integration, customization and enhancement efforts that realize the following benefits on time and within budget:

  • Objectively identify tangible ROI
  • Modular solutions with expansive future growth and quality
  • Aligned and streamlined processes for increased efficiency
  • Reduction, elimination, and automation of manual processes (where necessary)
  • Identify optimal utilization of human and non-human resources

Gain maximum benefits from the cloud

Cloud migration delivers a slew of advantages for your enterprise.  Scalability, Disaster Recovery, Data Security, in addition to lowering IT costs are just the beginning.  CAS rapidly deploys IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud platform, making the merge from on-premise hardware to remote cloud environments as seamless as possible.

CAS is here to help guide you through migration considerations, such as, performance, application portability, or older applications that run on legacy operating systems.  We specialize in enterprise data center migration in and out of the cloud using the right tools with minimal risk or downtime.



Insuring Availability, Scalability, and Security at all times!

The cloud is rapidly transforming the way we live, work, and play. It
provides convenience, accessibility, and security.  For enterprises, it drives them to be more agile, scalable, competitive, and most importantly, profitable.

CAS is here to help organizations gain the maximum benefit from their IT investments
while delivering the highest level of quality, security, and reliability. Managed Cloud services are critical to your business.  The experts at CAS will ensure your systems are available, secure, optimized, and cost effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Knowledge is Power.

An enterprise must value the impact of knowledge services to continuously develop and enhance their technology skills and talents.  CAS assists in equipping, empowering, and enabling an enterprise’s human capital investment to realize operational and technical efficiencies and ROI of original investment.

CAS offers customized on-site and remote training and support from our professional services teams to ensure your teams can clearly achieve the following:

  • Increase collaboration and optimal use of human and non-human resources
  • Identify where business and technical challenges intersect
  • Clearly define and execute corrective actions to address enterprise challenges
  • Effectively plan, execute, improve, and adjust enterprise technical roadmap and strategy
  • Execute SMART objectives to clearly measure and track enterprise ROI

From a community portal to workshops to individual training, CAS offers a variety of options for your organization to have the enhanced skills necessary to reduce gaps, fuel growth and sustain alignment between business and technology needs of the enterprise.

In addition to training, CAS also offers around the clock maintenance and support services aimed to help enterprises maintain technology infrastructure and solutions at competitive rates and the highest quality of service.

We can supplement your existing staff to shore up technical deficiencies or take a more comprehensive approach in providing end-to-end, premier managed services to soundly manage every technical aspect of an expansive technology infrastructure.

Join Our Community

The CAS community portal is for technology professionals to grow technical knowledge and expertise by consuming our expansive breadth of solutions, guidelines and best practices to managing, sustaining, and solving the most gnarly and complex technology challenges.

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Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS) knows that efficiency is key for business automation. That’s why we evaluated dozens of automation platforms to find the best solution to our customer’s integration and automation needs. Leveraging the powerful open-source automation platform allows companies to wire together all of their applications, services and workflows.

CAS provides expert services around the challenges of real-world implementation and infrastructure. We develop solution packs, provide support and foster collaboration with the StackStorm Community.


Protect your records: move confidential data to a secure cloud infrastructure for HIPAA compliance.


Data privacy is paramount to all organizations but is especially critical to the success of those organizations who store and transmit sensitive data. The healthcare industry is experiencing more ransomware attacks than any other industry; millions of records are exposed every year leading to millions of dollars in fines.

Ensuring your ePHI data is secure and compliant can be cumbersome, but our experts simplify the process and provide the end-to-end solution for HIPAA compliance from storage and email encryption to disaster recovery and backup.

Learn more about HIPAA compliant cloud solutions here.

Are you ready to move your data to a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure?