How do we integrate systems through automation?

We hear this question all the time. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise IT.

For example, your enterprise may be in need of an intuitive self-service portal for employees, customers or both. Or maybe your company is considering a technology migration and consolidation of legacy systems.

Then again, there could also be a need for the integration, automation, or orchestration of systems/applications.  And this ever expanding list goes on, varying in complexity, size, cost and professional experience to be successful.

CAS automates provisioning and management of the entire cloud technology stack while insuring seamless integration with enterprise applications. We strive to exceed client business goals in terms of time to revenue, time to market, quality and cost.

IT Lifecycle Management
Data Center

Cloud Technology Has Evolved

The availability of high-capacity networks and low-cost computers, together with the widespread adoption of virtualization and service-oriented architecture, have led to the version of cloud computing we know today -- and a model that is constantly evolving.

Not being tied to any particular vendor’s platform means the experts at CAS can help you determine the best cloud technology and strategy based on a thorough evaluation of your organization’s cloud automation criteria, including: functionality, implementation, support needs, cost/budgetary requirements, and growth projections.

Our experienced cloud masterminds work with you to understand your cloud automation needs and help you evaluate, choose, and integrate the best cloud technology to meet your business goals. As an independent provider, our team works closely with your IT stakeholders to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that fits your IT infrastructure and enterprise environment.

So when you decide to pursue cloud services as a legitimate computing option, CAS will make sure you're properly informed on how to maximize the return on your technology investment.


Importance of Strategy in the enterprise digitization story...


The right software solution can transform your business.

Software can enhance productivity, increase revenue, create efficiencies and deliver any number of other bottom-line-impacting benefits.

Dreaming of the perfect software solution is easy. Choosing it is hard.

At Cloud Automation Solutions, we deploy private, virtual-private and hybrid cloud infrastructure on Cisco IAC, VMware, Chef, Puppet Labs and other technology platforms like the open-source based OpenStack. Our reliable, secure, leading-edge cloud automation provides customers fully-packaged solutions for on-premise as well as remote implementation. With quick and easy deployment, our cloud solutions result in faster ROI and are suitable for fast paced enterprise environments of all sizes.


Accelerate Innovation through Automation

Cloud Automation Solutions provides solutions for lifecycle management of your entire IT stack. Utilizing technologies such as Cisco IAC, VMware vCloud Director, Stackstorm, Ansible, and Chef we can automate deployment, maintenance, support, and decommissioning of all your IT assets. Cloud Automation Solutions can also integrate Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS into your lifecycle providing a quick and easy on ramp to the cloud. Utilizing these technologies, we can reduce the time needed to provision new services, reduce human error, and increase user satisfaction.



Modernizing Data Center Infrastructure

By utilizing software-defined technology, CAS helps enterprises accelerate their data center cloud journey and realize return on IT investments, faster.


On time, on budget, huge cost savings!

Read more about how CAS achieved reduced time to market, increased time to revenue, and a 50% cost reduction for an enterprise data center provider.


Focused on supporting mission critical and high performance enterprise systems, CAS integrates a wide variety of solutions, technologies, and platforms.

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