Cloud Compliant File Share

Cloud Compliant File Share: Store and Manage Data Securely

As patient health care records are are accessed from more devices across the globe, the cost of non-compliance, or a breach, is often too much to bear for businesses that operate in or adjacent to the medical sector. However, consumer-grade file sync services are not appropriate to maintain HIPAA compliance. The leading cause of healthcare data breaches and the exposure of confidential records is due to unauthorized access or disclosure.

We utilize OnRamp's Compliant Cloud File Share to deliver a HIPAA compliant end-to-end solution to protect your sensitive data and save you from hefty fines. OnRamp’s service leverages a secure private cloud environment, architected on highly available, enterprise-class infrastructure, housed in state-of-the-art facilities. With advanced access controls, military-grade encryption, comprehensive auditing, and built-in data protection features, together we ensure the utmost in security and compliance for users of this solution – something most other file sync and sharing services cannot guarantee.


Top Features:
• Business-grade file sync, enabling secure file access from any device
• Secure and easy sharing, empowering user collaboration
• Backup and restore features, preventing data loss
• Administrative features and integrations, delivering security and control
• Military-grade encryption, exceeding industry standards


Contact us for a free HIPAA compliancy cloud assessment today! Let us help you move your confidential data to a secure cloud infrastructure.